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Seaforce Performance Sport Yacht featured in Marlin Magazine March 2015.  Click on image to read article.



****Sea Force IX, Inc. sells direct to the owner or their agent, broker or brokerage house. Sea Force IX, Inc. has no “exclusive” sales arrangement with any agent, broker or brokerage house. Please call us for more details.


We are introducing our new website with all new designs and two new lines of vessels.All the classics have been updated with new window lines and other subtleties to bring a fresh new twist to the Convertible style of power yachting.  The “Luxury Performance Sport Cruisers” are an all new line based on our proven 81.5-94.5 performance platforms.  The “Performance Expedition Yacht” line is a bold new look to power yachting. With 5 models suggested, we are able to render any size to this exciting concept.


We are still the “Overall Best value” in Custom, Luxury, Performance,Sport Yachting. We have been building masterpieces for the most discriminating yachting aficionados for over a decade. We welcome serious buyers to visit our facilities, talk to our owners about their experience both during the build and after the sale. Then arrange a sea trial to experience the “Ultimate Ride”. Our surprisingly competitive pricing and quickest custom build times will seal the deal.

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